❈ Etiquette. ❈  

Wild camping is about enjoying what is naturally around. You are the guests in the wildlife's environment so have to fit in with them.

There will be a loo and a shower, this is temporary and our main facilities are being built ready for next year. (Please be patient with us)

We do not have football pitches, or playground equipment.

Children need to be supervised at all times out of the camping areas, there is a bridle way that runs down the drive and farm machinery.

We ask that noise levels are kept to a minimum at dusk (9.30pm) to respect others wishing to have a peaceful evening.

We are a farm with animals that make a noise, poo and wee and at certain times do things that take some explaining!

Well behaved owners can come with their well behaved dogs, but they must be under full control and on a lead at all times, remember that not everyone likes dogs. The wood is home to many Badger sets, Fox dens and Rabbits warrens. We would ask that all dog mess is bagged and binned.

The standard rule that it is left how you found it and fires must be put out and under control at all times.

Please read the natural layout of the wood and meadow, if the flower got there first then you have to pitch somewhere else. There are many natural clearings throughout giving lots of nooks and crannies to find a secluded spot to have you own hide away.

Rubbish : We recycle! There are labelled bins provided for you to recycle your rubbish. We ask peeps not to leave behind items that do not fall under any of the categories.( ie :Tents, Mattresses, Chairs etc.) We provide facilities, if alternative is chosen to be used during your stay we ask that you take it home with you. We do not have a chemical toilet emptying area and bucket loos used with kitty litter are your responsibility to dispose of in the correct manor.